Tea Pie, Love and Reality

I May Never Get to Petra

Tea Pie, Love and Reality



One reviewer calls them “witty, provocative, always appealing.” In this satisfying little book, Sally offers her readers another collection of “miniatures,”  brief observations about life.

Each miniature is a peek into one of my rooms, she says, into what I observed or felt at the time. These are rooms we may share—travel, work, living with nature, family, moving. The miniature won’t tell you everything about my room, but it may set you to thinking. You might have reacted differently, or maybe not. Either way, the dialogue begins…



      Tea Pie, Love and Reality

Tea Pie, Love and Reality

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These very short essays or stories have been called "memorable meditations," a "pleasure…delight, and sometimes a joyful kick in the heart."

Readers say they find themselves here.

Tea Pie holds snappy bits about being chased by a hummingbird and forgetting the sexiest restaurant the author ever had dinner in.

      The Attempted Seduction of Sally Hall


I like ideas and my readers do, too, whether we agree or not.
Follow more ideas and the book’s progress on my blog.

I fell in love with the smell of hot type in the back shop of a newspaper. Then spent years figuring out how to live in a world dominated by expectations about what women should be like.

In many respects, I was ahead of the curve. As were college friends who headed for San Francisco instead of staying safely at home. My generation got the picture ten years before Betty Friedan discussed the “problem with no name” and more than fifty years before Sheryl Sandberg wrote Lean In.

Currently in progress....

      The Real American Dream


This interactive book features practical tips, case studies, worksheets, examples, checklists, questionnaires and inspiration.

Now more than ever, Americans must rely on themselves to create security. “Mompreneurs,” artists, early retirees, consultants and people in career or job transitions are giving the boot to an insecure job market and starting their own one-person businesses. This book coaches you through the process Learn to maximize your skills, create financial independence, freedom and control of your life.

Updated second edition available soon in e-format.