“Women must write their own stories if they wish to be known—and understood. The world won’t do it for them.”

Sally Petersen, Portland-based essayist

Former journalist, columnist, and essayist, Sally was reared in the plains of Nebraska and now makes her home in Oregon with her husband, Jim. Meet Sally…

How Much Is Enough?

A Meander of Memoir Essays by Sally Petersen

Sally’s newest book, How Much is Enough?, explores highly personal reactions to some current American issues. These are somewhat longer versions of her distinctive “miniatures.” Several of the short essays have to do with growing older—for instance how much travel and collecting things, do we really want to continue doing? How do we deal with downsizing, vinyl records, holidays, body changes?

Some issues are more serious: love and war, sport shooting, making decisions.

Early readers report their dialogue with the book is robust. As always with this provocative and pithy writer, some readers will agree, some disagree. With that in mind, she’s included questions to get the conversation started with book clubs or discussion groups.

Sally Petersen, Portland-based essayist